Our Exciting Announcement – We’re Adopting!

Adoption (Process) FAQs

BOTH HANDS Adoption Fundraising Project

To help me better document our time & emotions while we’re waiting, I created an:

A WAITING Questionnaire…for the Adoptive Family!

Waiting Questionarrie

Waiting – Day 39

Waiting – Day 60

Waiting – Day 134

Waiting – Day 176

Waiting – Day 202

The Heart of Adoption Series:

The heart of Adoption

Adoption Timeline

February 2013

Submitted Adoption Registration with Pauquette Adoption Agency

Received Adoption Application!

March 2013

Completed and Submitted Initial Adoption Application

April 2013 

4.23 – Fingerprinted for our background checks and numerous documents notarized at the Police Station

Week of 4.24 & 4.28 – Andy running all over Dane County to drop off our background check information with the proper municipalities (4 different locations)

May 2013 

Tuesday, 5.21 –

Home Study #1 (at Pauquette Adoption Services in Portage, WI)\

Monday, 5.26 – Submitted all final paperwork and 5 reference letters

June 2013

Tuesday, 6.11 –

Home Study #2 (at our home)

July 2013

Completing our Portfolio

August 2013 

Officially waiting for our baby!

December 2013 

Accepted to host a BOTH HANDS Fundraising Project

March/April 2014

BOTH HANDS is underway!!

May 2014 

After very little movement and hearing virtually nothing about placements or from any of our agencies, we decided to gather up all our portfolios and compile them with one faith based adoption agency, An Open Door (with a great reputation), in Georgia. Whom we highly recommend!

June 2014

We got a match, the next day the birth mother changed her mind.

July 2014 

We got a match, took a week updating all our paperwork, were on our way to GA when we got the call that the birth mother changed her mind.

September 2014 

We got a match with a child due just one day before our little girl (November 15th), we learned that the birth mother was not responding to calls. We “kept” the match, but the date came and went with no additional communication and it seems she changed her mind.

December 2014

After having our sweet girl, we decided to open up our placements to the possibility of girls. We were never opposed to girls, but because we had a couple boys at home, we figured let’s stick with what we know and then they’ll all have each other.

Thursday, January 8, 2015 

We learned a little boy had been born on 1.1 (he was one week old) and for a variety of circumstances, they were 99% sure this match was going through.

Friday-Sunday, January 9-11th, 2015

We prepped the boys for grandma and grandpas, washed baby boy clothes, packed baby bags and installed a new infant car seat, and got ready to drive down and get our guy! I talked to his foster mother and learned what he was like, what he was doing, and told her to tell him over and over how much we love him. She sent picture that we poured over and showed the boys.

Monday, January 12, 2015

His birth mother still had until midnight tonight to change her mind about her surrender before her parental rights were terminated. Based on our social worker’s confidence that she wasn’t changing her mind, we took our chances and Andy and I got in the car (with Evelyn) and drove for the day! We drove about 15 hours and made it to Chattanooga, GA before stopping for the night and counted down until the clock struck midnight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today was the day! We woke up with a new son who we were about to meet. Once again, we hopped in the car and finished up the last two hours of our drive. We arrived at 10:3o am, I saw him, cried, hugged his caring home parents, and they placed him in our arms. The social worker arrived, we read paperwork explaining everyone’s rights and risks, signed page after page. And he was ours. It was thrilling and heartbreaking. It was surreal, but we loved him completely.

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