Waiting Questionnaire {For the Adoptive Mother} – Day 134

It has been a while since I last updated you all on our Adoption Waiting. I spent much of November writing a series on Adoption. It was a feeble attempt at sharing God’s heart for the Fatherless (goodness, where to even begin and there is so much more to say), but it also resonates my passion for this topic and just how pressing it is. I’ve absolutely loved hearing your thoughts, experiences, opinions, and questions! Keep ’em coming :)

Waiting Questionarrie


How long have you been waiting? 134 days. Wow, the holiday season sure helped the time pass quickly, but…

Any News? A lot has happened since my last update.  In the beginning of December we were contacted by our adoption agency, to see whether or not we wanted a specific birth mother to view us. This is not typically protocol (we usually would not know if we are being viewed unless we are actually selected); however, there were some pretty serious extenuating in which case we needed to give our “approving before viewing.” Unfortunately, Andy was out of town for work when I received the call, which made for some pretty emotionally-messy mama moments, but we snuck in pockets of time to prayerfully discuss our decision. We said “yes” we would love to be viewed and knew that there would be 5 other families in the mix. This was the most intense period waiting so far, since we knew there was a mom and baby and that she might pick us. Ironically, as we learned information, I had thoughts racing through my mind and pages upon pages written in my journal, but I was unable to share any updates here.

We prayed. Waited. Prayed. Waited. Prayed. and Waited some more…

Worrying, but trying not to. Trying to prepare, but not getting our hopes up. Learning about the circumstances, but praying they would be a non-issue.

It was intense.

We finally heard back…

And learned that the mother actually decided…to parent! Praise God! Adoption always stems from hurt – that a mother would love her child enough to carry him and then offer him up to different home in what she believes is the best interest of the child – it can be a great gift, but leaves a deep hurt as well. We prayed for her throughout the decision and ultimately keep praying for the child the Lord has known would be ours from before time.

How are you feeling today? Tired :)

What’s been on your mind? We constantly talk about whether or not we should change or child ‘specifications’. We answered 100 questions about the “type” of baby we’d “like” and we tried to opt into where there was greatest need. However, that creates hiccups as to whether or not we’d be viewed by a mother who might-be or is within the lines we’ve drawn, but might not know it, and therefore would not be offered our portfolio.

What are your prayers for this baby? Speaking of our specifications, but prayers are just to…Trust. Trust. TRUST!!! That I would trust the Lord to bring precisely the baby he created to grow up in our family. I pray the baby is healthy and in a tummy right now!



How are you taking care of yourself this week? I got Andy a Nutribullet for his belated Christmas present. Andy is an amazing gift-giver – thoughtful and creative. Somehow I always mess up his actual gifts – wrong sizes, wrong style, doesn’t arrive on time, etc. Well, I knew he wanted one of these for his office, so after returning everything I actually bought him for Christmas, I succeeded! So far, we’ve usurped it at home and have been making awesome smoothies every day! It processes everything way more smoothly than our blender and we can even throw in full handfuls of whole nuts, seeds, etc. Plus, it is far less cumbersome to clean than the food processor or blender (I know what you’re thinking, no, this is not a paid advertisement or sponsored post :)

What have you done with your kids this week? As I write we are on day three of severely sub-zero temperatures here in WI. Which means we left home for church and have been inside all day, every day since. We are cooped up, along with the rest of the state and the days can grow long. We cleaned all morning on Monday, and spent Tuesday creating Paper Chain People, which Max cut out, colored, and taped up as decoration for about 2 hours!

Nervous about anything? (see above :) In moments when both boys are fighting or melting down, I am reminded that it will only be crazier with more; but I am confident it is also that much more sweet on the flip-side :)

Dreaming about/Looking forward to this week: Receiving the call. THE CALL. Saying that we have a baby, being a family of five, watching my boys (who are beloved best friends) grow in their love for a new sibling and experience this new dynamic.

baby blankie

New Baby Items: I love miniature clothing and accessories as much as the next girl, but I also really love buying stuff as we need it and hopefully at a screamin’ deal. But, each baby has had their own blankie and I found this beautiful one on clearance that I couldn’t pass up. It is washed, ready, and waiting to keep our precious child warm!

Phew, that was an update!

Your Turn: Did you find any amazing deals for your kiddos after Christmas?

~ Becca

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4 Responses to Waiting Questionnaire {For the Adoptive Mother} – Day 134
  1. Lora Lynn
    January 11, 2014 | 8:16 pm

    The wait is so excruciating. Praying lots of joyful days in this “middle” time and so much grace and mercy for ALL THE FEELS that come with it. :-)

    • Becca V
      January 12, 2014 | 9:07 pm

      Thank you, Lora Lynn! There certainly are a lot of them :)

  2. Amber Neal
    January 18, 2014 | 11:53 pm

    Thanks for linking this up with us this week for MMM link up. I love hearing your heart in these posts. Whatever child that God brings your way will be blessed indeed! I am sharing this post this evening on Adventures in Mindful Living FB page.

    • Becca V
      January 19, 2014 | 12:29 am

      You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for reading and sharing :)