Counting Hearts {Free Printable}

If you are in need of a fun, easy, Valentine’s activity, I’ve got one for you!

I came up with this printable because we do a lot of counting, but wanted to continue working a little more on number recognition! I thought we’d use it for a few minutes and it turned into two-hour’s worth of activities (with a few distractions)! I’d count that as a win and definitely worth sharing.

Counting Hearts

It was intended to be a three part activity:

  • Gather objects
  • Counting & Studying the Numbers
  • Call & response!

Instead, we took our time and tried to enjoy each step and make it a fun game on its own! Which turned into:

  • Gathering up small red/pink objects from around the house: toy car, tissue paper, mini-soldier, blocks, etc.
  • Counted the numbers
  • Call & Response: I’d say, “Can you place the clown on the 7?” (and he’d respond)
  • Putting all objects away (except the red crayon)

& Then:

  • Tracing the numbers
  • Cutting out the Hearts (scissor & fine motor)
  • Putting them all back in order (more counting and recognition)
  • Pasting them on a Heart Cut-out
  • Hanging up our unexpected necklace/decoration!





While we were busy working, Cal would participate in some steps, but it was a great project for him to seamlessly play alongside (we used some pink items from these toys, so he played a while, then we’d clean up together while Max cut, etc.) He tried pasting a little and then cut about 48,000 tiny snippets of paper, which served dustbuster practice :)


Taking 30 seconds to print the worksheet will pay dividends! So, download the FREE Counting Hearts Printable for your counting and crafting pleasure.

I hope you enjoy!

~ Becca

What is your go-to activity that is super easy and gets tons of play?

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5 Responses to Counting Hearts {Free Printable}
  1. Emily
    February 5, 2014 | 10:42 pm

    Such a great idea! Loved the finding 15 red objects part!(Max’s fine motor skills are crazy good for just turning 4 fyi, and I have worked with manyachild.)

    We did a little Valentine craft up in our house today as well. These kiddos were not as big on the cutting, but loved the glue and stickers.

    • Becca V
      February 6, 2014 | 1:48 pm

      Wow! Really, that’s awesome :) What fun!! I always forget how a nice activity keeps all of us so entertained!

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