Highlights at our Home {January ’14} & {Captured}: 2

Last week, I started {Captured}: Carving the time to capture and create in picture and word. 

Since we’re still in the first week of February, I’m coupling with the Highlights at our Home {January 2014}! But if you want to see a couple favorite moments from this week, check out our Counting Hearts Activity (and printable) because those pics sum up our week nicely.

Highlights in our Home:

January was cold. Horribly bitter, windy, gray, snowy…and just (below) freezing cold. I like to think it doesn’t effect me, but man, we were cooped up indoors most of the month (as anyone living locally can attest) and we (I) had some very crabby moments! But we also had some wonderful motivation to come up with indoor activities and play together.

One of the strangest/funniest moments last month was when we had one of the worst dining experiences ever. I mean shockingly; among the offences…spilling an entire glass of ice water on CALVIN! The poor little guy was shivering the rest of the meal, but it was so comically one thing after another, Andy and I could hardly contain ourselves.

Most notably, Andy and I each took a little time away this month to spend time with God, refresh, and recharge. Out grocery shopping one day, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy and bring home a little life. It is shocking how much these delighted my senses & brightened my mood (especially throughout my time with the Lord). I told Andy they cost $6 and he said, “Baby, you’re worth $7.” He cracks me up :)¬†


So happy together…
so happy together

/dishes/dry erase markers on the window/”blocks”/fixing Cal’s glove with tape – “we solved the problem, now everything is awesome. Problem solved”/Story Time / Super Heroes stick together / crib jumping /

Jan Crafting

/ ‘Contact’ Arts & Crafts / I dictate, Max writes / Shark attack / Most thorough coloring he’s done to date (a.k.a. in life) /Breakfast is served /

Time with Dad

/Cling-Ons / Let’s MOVE! /

Max the Vegitarian

/ Max the “Vegetarian” /

February is moving right along (right now, I’m probably crammed into a Prius with my mom, brother, sister, and bro-in-law for a weekend in Nashville – random, and sure to be an experience one way or the other, ha)!

What was YOUR January Highlight?

Hope you’re able to capture some sweet, fleeting moments this weekend.

~ Becca

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