Friday Five (on Saturday): 5.12.12

1.) It has been a ridiculously busy past couple of weeks; way too many things going on and far too little down time (hence my Friday Five making its appearance on Saturday night)! Andy’s work schedule has been insane, but I did get to sneak away for a night out with the girls…not just ANY girls, but some of my best friends from college. The coolest thing about it was that this was literally the first time since college that we’ve all been together! And it.was.amazing! I forgot to take any pictures throughout the night, so this one is late night while we’re heading to our cars; I’m really hoping it won’t take us another 5 years to get together.


 2.) I recently stumbled upon J’s Everyday Fashion blog via Pinterest and it really is for the everyday woman (in terms of price) a lot of her outfits probably aren’t suitable for my line of work; however, it is helpful just to learn how she comes up with her fashion inspiration (i.e. taking a retail or high-fashion look and swapping more appropriate, affordable pieces).  Which also inspired me to weed through my wardrobe, get rid of many pieces, and play around with new/different combinations. Plus, she offers great advice, resources on finding deals, etc. Check it out! On that note, I also have a local friend who is a fashion blogger, consultant, and personal shopper. Visit her over at Love, Krystle!

3.) Are you kidding me with this smile?

  Or this one?


4.) I have been indulging (yes, it constitutes indulgence because it is delicious and I can’t get enough) in my Pesto Caprese Salad all week! Along those lines, LOTS of lettuce is poking through our soil (happy dance!) and I can’t wait to just run outside, grab my ingredients, and prepare this delicacy:



5.) As long as I’m talking about food…I am still VERY excited about our upcoming Food Revolution Dinner this Friday night, May 18th! I cannot wait to share how it goes, but stay tuned throughout the week as I share more of my family’s Real Food journey. And PLEASE ask questions or leave comments throughout the process!


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2 Responses to Friday Five (on Saturday): 5.12.12
  1. Sarah
    May 14, 2012 | 2:42 am

    I need to see your closet now!! Yea, purging!!!!

  2. Sandy Sadowski aka-MOM
    May 14, 2012 | 11:22 pm

    Great pictures and great post!!
    I would really like both of those pictures on my digital frame!!! Hint, hint.
    Love you,