The Wonderful Things…

Right now, I wanted to express every wonderful thing in my life…

After what is now over a week (during a long few months) of illness, ups and downs, exhaustion, and often the weight of my own attitude…

I.Just. Want. To. Be.THANKFUL.

Thankful for every experience.




I want to be PRESENT and AWARE of all the Lord’s  incredible blessings {big and small} and how he is growing me in any and all circumstances.

Thank You, God, for:

  • My sweet boy sleeping in when we all need the rest.
  • The absolute joy that spreads across his face when something funny happens (and then how he whips around looking at everyone else to make sure we’re laughing, too).
  • His new found love of Seasame Street!
  • Our ability to hop in the car and go grocery shopping…that we can go to a place and be surrounded by huge quantities of food, buy whatever we want, and not only have enough to feed us for THIS day, but to stock our fridge and even the freezer (when so manytruly know what it is to ask for “this daily bread”)!
  • Our walk to the park.
  • The park!
  • The rain that is making our garden explode!
  • Grandma’s gift of new summer clothes for Max (since we were rotating about two outfits that fit). 
  • Figuring out a way for Max to actually help with the laundry.
  • The incredible herbs on our front steps that I love to look at, sniff, and trim when we’re playing outside.
  • A nice, long naptime!
  • An incredibly kind, loving, generous husband whose passion, excitement, dicipline and work-ethic never cease to amaze me and constantly remind me of how blessed I am.
  • Getting the dishes done in the evening and now getting to wake up to a clean, fresh kitchen and empty sink!
  • Learning exciting new information!
  • Laughing.
  • Reading a good book.

Thank you that we are not only provided for – sheltered, clothed, and fed; but moreso, that we are loved and cherished, forgiven and redeemed!

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