And the {ADOPTION} Journey Begins!

Andy and I discussed expanding our family beyond Max well before he was born. Come to think of it, we discussed forming a family and having children well before we were married. When I say, “having children” one assumes the obvious, conceiving and bearing a child; however, when I say, “forming a family” that is more exemplary of what I mean and the heart behind our home.

In that same dating “how many kids do you want” conversation, I remember boldly exclaiming, “I have always wanted to adopt, how do you feel about that?” Andy responded gracefully, saying “I guess I’ve never even known someone I wanted to have this conversation with, so I haven’t given it much thought, but I am certainly not opposed to it.”

Well, time passed, as it has a way of doing, this man (with whom I once had a hypothetical conversation standing outside my car on an unfortunately brisk fall day after our first run together…one of probably three runs we’ve ever taken, I might add) and I are actually in the position to talk about how we plan to “form our family.” Interestingly enough, since that conversation, Andy has grown to have an overwhelming heart for adoption and is the one who has recently forged the path for us to begin this process.

We have talked incessantly about upcoming pregnancies and how far apart we think the kids should be, but over the last 6-8 months the conversation changed. We’ve decided to move forward with expanding our family and adoption plans! Due to a variety of circumstances it seems we’ve taken two steps forward and one step back a few times; however, regardless of circumstances, the Lord has placed this calling on our lives and we are heading in the right direction…

Tonight we are attending our first meeting with Bethany Christian Services. It is technically our second meeting with an adoption agency, but we were not fond of the first agency/agent and wanted to experience an additional agency before committing to someone with whom we weren’t comfortable.


…that tonight’s meeting goes well, that we come away with new information, that the Lord  continues to reveal Himself and that we are clear on the best “next steps” for our family! Amen.

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