Hot Spot #1 – Check!

Project: Simplify is rocking my world.

This is what shape my closet started in…


drawers open, laundry spilling everywhere, boxes filled with (literally) who-knows-what?!

alternate view - mostly household overflow!

* Now, I know this looks like a ridiculously large closet…it is! However, we live in an old farm house, so this is technically another room. The other (larger rooms) have these tiny little closets; they are perfect for tiny little clothes but not going to cut it for two adults. So, we choose the smallest room with the largest “closet.”


I've omitted Andy's side as it is still a little dishevled...

I thought the laundry basket of empty hangers would be a great idea. When I remove an article of clothing from the hanger it goes into the basket and then I’m not always looking for the empty ones.

Right? Right.  

Wrong. My 13 month old has other ideas. We spent a good deal of time today taking them all out, throwing them around the room and then (trying) to put them all back in. So, maybe it was a good idea in theory (or in my son’s opinion), but we’ll  see what happens. In the meantime, it is a fun new game.

There is another laundry basket that goes next to the hangers, but is currently filled with laundry and in the laundry room…where it will probably spend most of its time!

The remaining containers are summer & maternity clothes.

There were so many random odds and ends on top of both dressers that all either got hung up, given away or thrown out. Not to mention all those boxes – some (ridiculously) only had a couple things in them and were very easily condensed.

clutter free surface and one much emptier, very tidy drawer

I spent about 4 hours total (so far) working during nap times. I still have a few more things I’d like to work on: better organizing the clothes, hanging a couple pictures and adding some hooks for scarves/hats/accesories. That didn’t happen this week, but I am pretty happy with the progress and will post updates as they happen.

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One Response to Hot Spot #1 – Check!
  1. Courtney
    March 12, 2011 | 2:45 am

    Looks really good. We have a large walk in closet but man would I love to have yours. I am notorious for leaving the drawers open, my husband HATES it. I have gotten much much better though. So when I saw your before pics I had to chuckle a little because of this. I have a small section in our closet that isn’t being used (in terms of anything being hung) so I’m lucky there, because I just put my empty hangers there until they make their way into the laundry room. Again looks great, good job.