Joining in the Fun: {Project Simplify}

I am super excited to participate over at Simple Mom with Project Simplify! She has revealed this week’s Hot Spot and I must say it hits the nail on the head in my home!


Yikes! I can’t tell you how often my closet become a chaotic black hole, where things are lost and may or may not be found…more accurately, this is a perpetual state…

I am INCREDIBLY tempted to say “I will try my best, but I have a sick baby this week” or “I am have been feeling really tired, so I am not sure how much energy I’ll have,” but I won’t – haha. Those are just excuses! I have been wanting to tackle our closet for MONTHS (basically since we moved into this house last May). I have picked at it bit by bit, have organized a portion only to let the whole thing get messy again and have repeatedly put it off.

So, here is my chance!

I am off to take a few BEFORE pictures and will reveal the outcome of my efforts on Friday!

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