For the Love of Lit

I love reading.

I am not necessarily “good” at it; I am pretty slow and wish I could retain more.

Regardless, I just love reading. If I have the opportunity to do anything I want, nine times out of ten I will hunker down at a coffee shop and read for as long as possible.  I don’t take one book I normally take five; my Bible (always), a book on theology or topical nonfiction, a variety of books on Christian inspiration/devotion, and whatever fictional tale I am perusing at the moment.

There is no rhyme or reason to my reading patterns; I simply grab whatever is beckoning me to cuddle with it for a bit. It is not just the text I love, but the whole experience. I curl up in a comfortable chair, with a warm, delicious cup of coffee, hug my book, and dig for the gold this particular combination of words and pages might contain. I want to say it is an escape, but that is only partially true.

Sometimes, it is cozy and refreshing. The time flies and I was completely lost in a story. But more often than not, it is challenging and I come away questioning a new perspective, excited about a perfect description or pondering my own understanding of a topic and other people’s brilliance.

This is one of the driving forces behind this blog. Although I wanted a place to compile my musings on homemaking, family, faith, and devotion; record family photos and events, and hold myself accountable to goals; I also wanted to have a place I could write about the books I’ve read, what I thought in the process and what I took away from the time I invested.  I offer up this love of literature as the qualification for sharing my opinion (I do also happen to have a degree in Secondary English Education; however, to be honest, I would say that credential takes a back seat to simply my “Love of Lit”).

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