About Me

I love the Lord. I love my husband. I love my sons.

These are my top three.

As far back as I can remember, I dreamed of being a wife and mother and prayed that God would grant the desires of my heart. He did; beyond what I could even possibly imagine. About Andy, I will simply say this – he is a God-fearing man and God supplies his passion and endurance to love me as Christ loved the Church. He is also aware that love notes and surprise lattes never hurt either.


Photo Credit: Laura Frazier of Raspberry Lane Photography

Max is three years old. He is rarely quiet (or still); he does everything with gusto – eats, plays, climbs, falls, talks, laughs, cries, even sleeps – with incredible passion and volume! He seems to be incredibly capable and coordinated in the realm of sports/quick movement and we do certainly foster this “love of the game.” However, as he continues to mature, it is awesome to see his lengthening attention span and growing love of reading, puzzles, and fine-motor management. He also seems to be loving his new role as BIG BROTHER and is constantly watching out for “baby Calvin.”

Max’s 2nd Birthday Party – Feb. 2012

We welcomed Calvin Seth (Cal) on 2.15.12! As I write this he is six days old and sleeping peacefully next to me. I am sure that by the next time I read this page, I will have some serious updates as to who this little man is. So far, he is incredibly sweet and mild-mannered.


Calvin Seth heading home from the hospital


Post-Max, I became a full-time homemaker. There is a substantial learning curve, but this new role has awoken sleeping passions and revealed completely new ones. I am passionate about writing, reading, and writing about what I read. I am passionate about cooking real food to nourish our family; creatively educating and entertaining our children; taking care of our home; hosting to build community; and capturing moments in picture.

Big Brother, Little Brother, Mommy and Daddy!

You will find bits of each of these things right here. This is where I am able to record what I have learned, where I have grown and how I have seen God move.

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