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I’m not necessarily one who sticks with New Year’s Resolutions, although I desire to (the same way I desire to be a runner, but have to admit this might never be the case). I like to ponder all the different things I’d like to accomplish, changes I’d like to make, or skills I’d like to refine; turning them over in my mind and examining every angle. I write them down, scratch and scribble

But sticking with them is an entirely different feat.

Last year’s goals were lofty.

And while I didn’t necessarily attain them, I definitely took steps in the right direction and simply writing them out gave them greater attention and focus (and isn’t that really the point? Not making ourselves feel bad about what we didn’t do, but acknowledging areas of growth and growing more into the people God desires us to be?)

  • I didn’t read 3 books every month of certain genres, BUT I did it a couple times.
  • I didn’t serve once a month with the kids, BUT we served a few times together and are honing in on our best family fit.
  • I didn’t learn a new monthly skill, BUT almost every month threw a new experience at us that we had to respond to and I certainly learned life lessons that one can never plan for – like navigating bed rest, adoption failures, the loss of a parent, or life in the NICU.
  • I didn’t always set weekly goals, BUT I grew significantly in my general goal setting and seeing tasks to their completion.

As I was reflecting on this past year and what I desire in my years to come, a word firmly planted in my mind and hasn’t budged (It came to mind in early December and it has already been a driving force in my planning and decision making).

For a litany of reasons, my word for 2015 is:


While a word of the year doesn’t establish measurable goals, I’m excited to have a frame around my thought process, study, and efforts this year.

  • What does it mean to be complete in Christ?
  • What makes me feel complete? and/or What areas in my life keep me from feeling complete?
  • How am I aware of Biblical Completion?
  • Is my work complete?
  • What lingering tasks need completion?
  • What areas need complete attention and overhaul?

I want to seek more completion in my identity in Christ, as well as my marriage, kids, home, friendships and passions. You’ll probably see this topic come up throughout the year. I’ll share what I am learning and I’d love to hear your thoughts along the way.

Do you make resolutions, set goals, have a word of the year, or none of the above? I’d love to hear, please share in the comments below!

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