Half Birthday Month!

August marks both boys’ half birthdays!

Cal is 18 months and Max is 3.5 years old!

I thought it would be fun to share what we wrote about the boys in our Adoption Portfolio: 


Maxwell was born in February of 2010!

He is a very curious and fun-loving three year old; wild and free! He loves rough housing and playing sports, reading and cooking with us. He is inquisitive and is always figuring out how things work. He rarely stops moving, but has the sweetest heart and spirit. He absolutely loves to help and everything he’s putting effort toward is his “work.” We see in him a passion to do what is right, be kind, and help people. He is an exceptional big brother! He has loved and helped with Cal since he was born, never skipping a beat. Now, he pushes his little brother around once in a while (as any big brother does) but protects and looks after him always. He already has a crib waiting in his room and talks quite a bit about “when the new baby comes.”

Calvin was born in February of 2012! 20130705_171700
He is an adventurous, passionate, joyful 18 month old! He looks up to Max, watches him, laughs at him, and attempts everything he does. They are best buds. Cal is very aware of what he wants and works to communicate how to get it. He cuddles and kisses, loves to greet people, wave bye-bye, talk to the birds, listen to music (sing along smiling), be funny and cause good-natured mischief. We think he will transition to being a big brother very well; he has so much more to learn and do, we’re sure he will love to have another partner along for the ride!


(These pictures are two of my favorites! They capture the boys’ temperaments as well as a picture might: I love the scar over Max’s eye and Cal’s facial expression is one that I see often).

How many kids do you have? How would you best describe them in just a few words? I’d love to hear:

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2 Responses to Half Birthday Month!
  1. Sarah
    August 21, 2013 | 7:37 pm

    Becca, I think our boys would all get along so well! :)

    Judah (3.5 years) A leader, passionate about his family & a loyal, loving friend. He has endless energy and never wants to miss an opportunity to take in every experience fully, as his daddy says he “loves to seize they day!” Being outside and meeting new friends top his list. If ever there was an extrovert, Judah would be it!

    Ryder (18 months) Loves to dance to any music with a god beat! His big brother is his example for every aspect of life, if Judah does it Ryder will always be close behind. He has such a tender heart and picks up on the emotions of others effortlessly and always responds with incredibly maturity and love. Snuggling is his favorite :)

    Will (18 months) Will is our quite, thoughtful guy. He always looks you in the eye and speaks the few words he knows with such deep passion, we call him our little old soul. It is strange to say a baby is wise, but with Will it is hard to find another word to describe him. He loves to look through books and is content to play by himself if his brothers are especially high energy :) He has the sweetest smile.

    • Becca V
      August 21, 2013 | 9:01 pm

      Sarah, I love these gorgeous descriptions of your boys! They each sound so individually unique and precious. And I would love to get them together; what a blast!