To Accept it Gracefully

He was asleep but a short time when he awoke angrily wrestling his blankets seeking some sort of consolation from this pain. Four white spots are taunting his gums; poking through ever so slightly, only to sit back and linger a while longer.

I was finishing up every desire on my wish list for the day.

I was interrupted.

But tonight I’ll accept it gracefully.

The door creaks open. Disoriented, as he raises his head and through the bars of this teething prison, I see his tears reflect the hall light behind me. A guttural laugh and cry intermingle to express his relief that I’m there and the commiseration that he’d rather he was sleeping, too. I’m here. I will answer your call, my sweet son.

My back aches as I hoist you up.

I am thankful for this weight to carry.

While I am here with you, while I can hold you in my arms, I will sing songs over you.

I will pray over you.

My mind drifts.

No, I will take it captive.

I will close my eyes and tuck this memory into what feels like a neat corner of my mind, but 20 years from now will be dusty and cluttered.

I will praise God for you, for the rich blessing that you’re mine and remember,

This interruption is divine.




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