Reality Check

This is not my place for complaining. It is intended to be the place to recount my joy and sweet life tidbits, but I also want it to be real and not simply convey that all is well and I am a whiz at this whole motherhood, homemaking gig (which is not even remotely the case in my wildest dreams).

At the moment, both boys have a little cold. It doesn’t seem to be anything to write home about, but just enough of a something to keep them congested (or dripping), a little uncomfortable, and slightly off their game. Couple sweet Cal’s cold with some monster teething and we have frequent wake-ups and the need for constant attention. And if he’s not getting said attention, he has come up with an ear-piercing new screech to make sure I know just how unhappy he is about this. It is one of those, “that will be really cute to look back on and laugh about later, but right now my ears are bleeding” kind of noises!

On the flip side, my Max-man has seemed to hit a new level of maturity/development, if you will, and has noticeably entered the “WHY?” stage. He has been asking this simple question for some time, but it has reached an entirely new level, so much so that my throat literally hurts from explaining so many answers. Last night we had a lengthy conversation noting all the reasons why I don’t sleep on the couch in his bedroom.

Also, REALITY CHECK. Let’s be honest for a moment…

Sorry for the poor photo quality...Did I mention I have a teething, wiggling 9 month old in constant need of my attention/hip?!

This is what the last three, count them…THREE batches of my pumpkin muffins have turned out like. I used to have the most incredible recipe for a one-bowl pumpkin muffins. And then I lost it. Upon my most recent pumpkin muffin failure this morning, I searched and believe that I have once again found the elusive and oh, so perfectly delicious recipe! However, I am NOT convinced that it will turn out correctly and here is why:

Since making it last I started substituting raw honey for all refined, white sugar in baked goods (and it has worked out fine in every other recipe I’ve made). However, I think the my recipe tampering and additional moisture from the pumpkin, honey, AND other liquids is just making them too wet (hence the really deflated, flat tops). Plus, honey browns faster than sugar, so while the additional liquid increases the baking time, the honey is making them brown before they’re finished cooking. Yet, if I let them finish cooking it results in a not so tasty or aesthetically appealing black “crust” :) I seem to be in a pickle.

I am posting for the sole purpose of sharing a kitchen failure! I open up my kitchen to you and often share my successes; however, the reality is that I fail (often), especially in trying to adapt recipes. So, no, I will not be sharing this recipe because trust me, you do not want to make it; however, I will be taking it upon myself to come up with not merely an edible healthy pumpkin muffin recipe but one that actually tastes great. Although, I do seem to be sneaking one past my two year old!

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