I’m back, Baby!

It’s been about two and a half months and I finally have a working computer!

{Can you hear that? I think it’s Angels singing!}

The time away has been both stressful and blessed.

Stressful because:

I didn’t realize just how much time I truly spent on the computer, some of it frivolous, sure, but much of it: sending emails, looking up recipes, printing coupons, staying on top of family photos, blogging, etc. Plunking one out an email (or blog post) letter by letter with miniture letters on a miniture screen on my phone (which I only did when ABSOLUTELY necessary) is not my idea of fun and I avoided it like the plague. I gave many one word responses.

{Sorry to those whom I’ve offended by my lack on communication}

I especially missed blogging and was incredibly disappointed that just when I started writing consistently, sharing my site, and having fun with it, I was unable to continue. I am a verbal and written processor, to which anyone who knows me in real life can attest! This is one of the places I love to process and share. If you had been a faithful follower before, I am sorry for my disappearance, but I’m so glad you’re still here :)

{The Blessings}

1.) WOW, what an unbelievable luxury to have the convenience of technology! I was reminded of the ease with which we do EVERYTHING. When our computer was acting up, waiting for the internet to connect threw me back to my middle school dial-up days; waiting was just how it worked. Now, if I have to wait longer than 3 seconds I’m annoyed that this machine is wasting my time. How ridiculous! I loath typing on my phone, and yet I can type ON A PHONE! Are you kidding me, what kind of alternate universe am I living in that I have the audacity to be put-off about such “first-world” inconveniences.

2.) I was forced to unplug a little more often and in doing so was able to refocus on how I want and should be spending my time. I definitely still found myself wasting time on facebook or pinterest on my phone (especially while nursing and especially while nursing during the night); but I didn’t just “hop on the computer” nearly as much as when this big clunker was right at my fingertips…

3.) I truly valued and cherished the time that I normally might have spent online and found myself spending more time reading the Bible and other books, cooking, cleaning, and contacting people the old-fashioned way.

 4.) I tried new recipes, did new activities with the kids, changed things around the house, etc. All which I can now share here :)

5.) It gave me the opportunity to think a little about what I want this blog to be, how much time I should commit to it, and how often I should post. Sometimes, these things I start doing, “just for fun,” have a way of creeping in and becoming another item on my to-do list and distort my priorities. I haven’t quite come to terms, but I’m landing on more formulated thoughts…

I want this blog to be an outpouring and overflowing of my interests, experiences, and joy and not just another thing I have to get done!

A lot has happened since the beginning of July; Milk and Honey on which to reflect and share! I’m glad to be back and happy you’re still reading.

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One Response to I’m back, Baby!
  1. Tasha
    September 21, 2012 | 10:19 pm

    I look forward to reading your posts! I currently am having blogger problems and can’t post. It makes me so sad since I don’t get to it very often as I prepare for our second little one to come. Hopefully I’ll figure it out before she comes.