Happy Independence Day!

Oh, hi there!
Welcome to our humble abode:


Can I offer you something to drink?


Let me just pull myself together here:


Wait. It’s like a bajillion degrees! There. That’s better:


Gosh, I wasn’t expecting guests:

Source: trendytree.com via Becca on Pinterest



But I do have a couple treats on hand, so please, help yourself!



Activities for the kids? Well, off the top of my head:


Oh, the fireworks are starting! Let’s step outside:


Source: google.com via Becca on Pinterest


I kid, I kid!

Despite absolutely zero effort all my best efforts, seasonal decor and elaborate planning generally escapes me (in fact, I still have my Christmas vignette proudly displayed…actually, It’s just a cream colored wreath, but it does involve some winter berries and wine and gold colored ribbon), but I find what others come up with to be so creative and amazingly beautiful; I’ll just vicariously enjoy their efforts :)

Have a fun-filled, safe, happy, and blessed Independence Day!

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