By This All Men Will Know…

This past week was like a mini stay-cation! I feel inexplicably refreshed and energized by the delight that is my lovely sister-in-law, Lindy.

She was dying to visit and spend time with her nephews, but wanted to let the hoopla die down after Cal was born before coming. Well, Cal is now a little over one month old, so she came up from Chicago to stay with us for three days this past week. It was absolutely my pleasure to have her here with us; how I wish the time could have lasted longer. Two extra hands allowed us to do more activities each morning than I would normally venture on my own.  We ate lunches outside, went to a coffee shop for their train set, took a nice long walk to the library, stumbled upon a new playground, ran an errand (while Lindy stayed in the car with the kids), went out to breakfast, and perused the zoo!

Breakfast Cuddles


Lovin' the Lions

In becoming a mommy of two, the adjustment has gone fairly smoothly, but there is certainly a new balancing act to acquire and it just so happens to take place in the midst of day-to-day life and sleepless nights. I must say, so many people have loved and served us with meals, gifts, and time; this post is not to discredit how richly they have blessed us, it is simply to say that Lindy’s extended presence was a breath of fresh air:

  • She is hilarious! It was a blast  to have someone to talk to and laugh with throughout our days together.
  • She is a great listener and genuine encourager! We are both good talkers :) but I would pour out my heart and she would respond with the sweetest words.
  • It was nice to have a female around to bounce ideas off of and with whom to share my excitement and challenges of this new stage (without feeling at all judged or as if there was constant comparison).
  • She was VERY aware of not “taking up” my down time, (i.e. she made it apparent that she didn’t need entertaining and by busying herself with other things she gave me the freedom to be alone, sleep, shower, etc.).

Over the last 3 days there was a constant flow of quality time, words of affirmation, and acts of service pouring out of her (in the realm of The 5 Love Languages). It is easy to say, “give me a call if you need anything,” or “I’d love to help” (which I am definitely guilty of doing), but to actually show up and serve is entirely unexpected. It is the rare occasion when I randomly call someone to ask for help and the non-existent occasion when I would call them for the purpose of doing our laundry. And that is just a fraction of what Lindy did, virtually every time I came into a room she was:

  • loading the washer or folding laundry
  • doing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen
  • preparing a drink or snack for someone
  • holding, dressing or changing a child
  • taking out the garbage or sweeping the garage
  • straightening a room or ORGANIZING THE DEN…

The den was an overwhelming project that had been looming over my head for far too long and one that which I never seemed to have the energy to tackle! We worked for one whole nap time and then when I was beckoned away, she proceeded to finish cleaning two rooms and organizing the whole supply closet. Are you kidding me?! Now, I just want to hang out in that room, gaze into the beatifully stress-free closet and relish in the abundance of clear surface space!

She said over and over that she truly felt like she wasn’t doing that much and asking if there was anything specific she could do for me. I thanked her 1.8 million times, but wish I could more clearly articulate just how helpful she was with the day-to-day tasks and how refreshing her love was for my soul. As I reflect on our time, I cannot help but think,

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:35


Hand-in-hand on our way to the park!

If only every Mommy could be so blessed as to have someone come along side her and simply serve. Indeed, I felt the Lord’s love.

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