Shaving Cream Paints

Yesterday, it was 5 degrees outside and snowed ALL day!

It was the perfect day to try a little something new and take a cozy, mid-day tubby. I first came across the shaving cream bathtub paint idea on Pinterest (shocking, I know) from the blog Having Fun at Home. It’s been hanging out in my back pocket (with about 1000 other at-home, indoor activities) and I’ve been wanting to give it a shot.

Result: He loved EVERY second of it. He sat patiently watching me mix the “paints,” joyfully painted the walls of our tub for about an hour saying “Paint! Walls! Mommy, paint walls!”  rinsing out the paint tin when we were all done, and even whiping down the walls with a washcloth. He also thought it was amazing that if he got some “paint” on his hands, he could simply dip them in the water, “All clean. All clean, Mommy.” It was a hit! As for the educational angle, it was pretty cool that we could paint while reviewing letters, numbers, shapes and colors (all while at home, indoors, using frugal supplies already on hand)!


We used a disposable aluminum cupcake tin (this is now the designated tubby painting tin…it also floated nicely so we avoided balancing/spilling the paints on the ledge).

Shaving Cream

Food Coloring

Paint Brush

Directions: Simply put shaving cream in tins, add desired amount of food coloring, mix and PAINT.

simply put shaving crean in tin, add desired amount of food coloring and mix!


The small amount of effort was WELL worth the outcome; Max talked about painting the rest of the day. Plus, any activity that cleans our shower in its aftermath is ok in my book!

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