Thanksgiving 2011 – How Abundantly Blessed!

There are so many things to be Thankful for…too many things
to list here; although I will try.

I am Thankful for: my husband, my son, my parents, siblings,
in-laws and extended family.

I am Thankful for the roof over my head (and many rooms in
our home), heat, the car(s) in our garage, the washer and dryer, indoor
plumbing and long hot showers.

I am Thankful for the clothes on my back (and so many more
in my closet), socks, shoes, coats, gloves and hats.

I am Thankful for nutritious food; the ability to purchase
and prepare it.

I am Thankful for freedom, religious and otherwise, that I can
worship in public and speak freely of my God; for the men and women that serve
to gain and protect my freedom!

I am Thankful for the ability to read, write, learn, grow
and change.

I am Thankful for good friends, our life group, Bible Study
and Church.

I am Thankful for such a long list of things to be thankful…

I am so aware that I live in a culture of abundance. A culture of “MORE is more and things bring happiness.” I am aware of how lavishly we live and how far this mindset is from the center of the gospel. And, although my awareness grows, it is not always reflected in my words, actions and desires…and my heart grows restless.

I pray, Dear Lord, that you would work in my heart and change
me to be more like You. That your Spirit would be at work in me and I would
live a life of love, gratitude and generosity. That I would be more concerned
with loving and serving others than satisfying my whims, and the desire of my
heart would be YOU and not the things of this world. There is an enemy that is
seeking to kill and destroy; he wants nothing more than for me to be far from
You. Lord, that I would seek You and find You, that I would walk in your
presence and be aware of your great love and sacrifice on my behalf.

As I live today, Thanksgiving, I pray that I would be filled with gratitude and that it would be reflected toward all those with whom I come in contact.

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