“Little Pumpkins” Party

This past weekend, we threw a “Little Pumpkins” Party and it was delightful. Max was all “dressed up” (for the first time) with no place to go, so we invited the crowd here to get the kids together in their costumes and enjoy some treats. I have since found out that there are some pretty cool Halloween events for kids in Madison, WI and we will definitely be hitting those up next year!

On to the food (which is always half the fun in party planning and prep):

The spread consisted of cheese and apples with Caramel Toffee Dipping Sauce (for which I cannot even begin to track where I found the recipe but it was DELICIOUS and raved about the entire party). As well as Layered Candy Corn Cupcakes (super easy and fun to make)veggies and dip, and pretzels with mustard.

Caramel Toffee Dipping Sauce

Layered Candy Corn Cupcakes

For the Layered Candy Corn Cupcakes, I used a store bought white cake mix, dyed half the batter yellow and half the batter orange, layered, baked and frosted with storebought classic white frosting, then topped each one off with a candy corn. Then, when you peel back cupcake liner it fades from yellow to orange to white (a la the infamous seasonal candy corn).

For the beverage, Caramel Apple Cider, of course!

Caramel Apple Cider Station

I knew there would be a bunch of kids and a wide range of ages, so I tried to decide on a craft that would be engaging for any of them and keep everyone entertained for a while. I landed on Stainglass Pumpkins. The preparation was minimal (and actually a lot of bang for your buck) and overall, it went well for the kiddos that gave it a shot!

This was the "trial" pumpkin I made the night before...yup, easy enough (and clearly, I am an stainglass pumpkin making master)!

Max even gave it a shot and made his own great little pumpkin:

helping out my little man

Let me point out the obviously most wonderful part about this party…

The sweetest little puppy I've ever seen!

It really was a wonderful couple of hours to gather together, make pretend, snack, talk and watch a bunch of adorable children play together in costume! And one last pic…

Our family...Halloween 2011

I will share the recipes later this week; I can’t believe it is already November! Last night I lay awake thinking of all the wonderful homemade gift ideas I’ve stumbled upon and and what fun family traditions to begin this year!

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