A While Away…

But I am back.

It seems we’ve had quite a bit going on and I am once again getting into the groove of life and thoroughly enjoying our WI summer (which comes and goes, but all-in-all has been beautiful). The rest of this week is supposed to be a little rainy, but I can’t wait for the next beautiful day to take Max to the outdoor pool.

As for a few updates:

I turned 27 on May 28th (which, yes, means that next year is my golden birthday)!

I had an INCREDIBLE birthday….it was a Saturday, so Andy reserved the whole day to do exactly what I wanted…

We, of course, started our day with a cup of coffee and scone at Barriques on the way to the Farmer’s Market.

Max is such a trooper in that backpack, but he is clearly up to no good whenever we stop :)

We stopped at Cheeseburger in Paradise for a delicious lunch of Tropical Chicken Satay {mmm…mmm…} before heading home for Max’s naptime.

While he rested, we planted our FIRST Garden!!! And when he woke up…he couldn’t wait to help!

He LOVED it!

He decided to try some dirt…his first mouthful (and, yes, that is also a worm stuck to his shirt).

To round out the evening, Andy and I did Barriques (round 2) for a delicious “Wisconsin Dip” and rented a couple movies on the way home.

What a gorgeous day…

I felt so blessed, so loved, so celebrated;

Praise God for the gift of my beautiful family and a fun-filled birthday!

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