Our Rainy Day Adventure!

While most people are familiar with Madison’s Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on the square, I had known about but never been to the Wednesday morning Farmer’s Market. So, yesterday, Max and I went downtown to check things out!

I absolutely l.o.v.e. going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings! The atmosphere is alive and buzzing no matter what the weather. There are countless vendors boasting beautiful plants and herbs, the freshest produce, naturally-raised meats, baked goods, canned goods, honey, syrup, and jams.


Naturally, I wanted to know if the Wednesday market was just as alive and well.

The Verdict?

Not quite, there are only a fraction of the vendors, it is located on a side street and just doesn’t have the same feeling of excitement; however, it was still incredibly enjoyable and indeed there were still plants and fresh foods to be found!

Max was all bundled in his stroller and, as it was a much shorter trip to visit each booth, he was able to stay put the whole time (definitely a positive).

Can you see his shiner? That is the result of "spinning" into the rocking chair!

He also thoroughly enjoyed sharing Mommy’s Scone:


 The main reason I wanted to go was to find flowers for our shady entryway. I came away with this HUGE Fuchsia plant.

It is not blooming yet, but you can certainly see the buds are on their way:

Can't wait for all that color to come forth!

We also left with some beautiful asparagus, rhubarb, and green onions (I’m working on those for this evening)!

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