The Royal Wedding

This morning, we woke up, I handed Max some milk and a couple of graham crackers (for which I award myself “Mother of the Year”), brewed some coffee and sat down to enjoy watching The Royal Wedding (which I recorded from the live showing at 5am this morning).

Overall, Max was just fine letting me watch, he had his moments of disappearing into the next room, throwing his cheerioes on the floor and trying to get my attention! But I had to laugh. I thought of myself recounting my memory of history; telling of when I was watching the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton and how he was almost 15 months old throwing blocks, dumping food, and rolling around the floor.

(I have some pics to include, but the computer won’t let me at the moment)

However, it also got me to thinking of my wedding. It was not quite as elaborate as this now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but I wouldn’t trade that day for anything. I remember driving to the church in the rain, I remember my nerves before seeing Andy, I remember the way my husband looked at me (and the sheer fact that I had a husband :) and I remember smiling, laughing, kissing and dancing the day away!

Our First Dance as Husband and Wife

Now, 2 and 1/2 years later, I watch this world-wide Royal affair as our first son (who was just a dream then) rolls around pantless on our living room floor. Thinking of our wedding day and the incredible man to whom I am married (and now love even more deeply than on that day) makes me very excited for our date tonight and life together!

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