Transformation in Pain

 This past week has been transformative.

Personal loss and the ensuing emotion played a substantial role; it was the process and aftermath that insisted on transformation. Life experiences, pain or suffering call us to 1.) transform our thinking and 2.) grow more into the likeness of Christ.

One thing is certain (and has been made abundantly clear to me), you absolutely never know the pain someone else might be enduring.

As I carried on, sad and in a bit of a haze, I would leave the house often with no purpose…I would stop at the coffee shop, order my drink (juggling my little acrobat), and try to smile at the barista; or I would walk around a store for the sole purpose of letting Max walk and explore a little, while walking behind him to ensure we would not be “breaking and buying.” But in these instances and everywhere else we ventured, I noticed the people there with new eyes.

Different eyes.

Christ’s eyes.

I thought to myself, right now, I appear to be a young stay-at-home-mom, with one happy, healthy child. While true, that was not my reality.

{I was a woman deeply hurting}

So, when a saleslady was curt and hardly bothered to look up, I first thought, “She has no idea what I am going through.” I immediately corrected myself and thought:

“She might know EXACTLY what I am going through!”

“She might be in a place of such overwhelming burden that she does not have the strength the raise her head.”

We are a hurting world and heartbroken society; the list of causes and casualties are endless. As I carried the weight of my pain, I became much more aware of how those surrounding me might be hurting and how I was going to respond. As the Lord is present in all circumstances, throughout this experience He has continued to transform my thinking and as He draws me closer to Himself, prayerfully, I will become more like Him. 

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