Hot Spot #2 – Check!

This week’s Project: Simplify Hot Spot was:

PAPER CLUTTER (an area that seems to be perpetually taunting me from virtually every surface area, drawer, box and bag).

I love that our TV sits on a nice, big dresser because it has 12 drawers to stow away Max’s toys, games, a changing station, etc.

However, it also seems to be my “quick clean” solution; I cram in everything that would otherwise be sitting out (mail, magazines, books, coupons, receipts, chapsticks, chargers, EVERYTHING) and those drawers get cluttered very quickly. Most obnoxiously, they get a little too crowded and items tend get stuck and keep the drawers from opening!

Now, my three drawers each have a specific purpose: 1.) little odds and ends, 2.) magazines and receipts, 3.) coupons!

The pictures look fairly similar but I promise those drawers are MUCH tidier :)

So, that was my first project this week, which transitioned nicely into organizing my hanging file basket. I’ll spare the pics because they would again be quite similar; however, between the drawers and my file basket I filled an entire box with trash…

And it. is. out of here!

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