St. Patrick’s Day: {Craft Time}

On Tuesday, Max and I embarked on our first crafting adventure!

We made a St. Patrick’s Day Cards with his handprint to send to Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles!

Here is what we used:

 glue stick


ink pad & pen

printed shamrock pictures

colored scrapbooking paper or cardstock

envelopes (still left over from our wedding invitation)

I already had everything for this project, but otherwise I think the most expensive item would have been the ink pad (about $3 at Target or cheaper at a craft store with a coupon).

I found the Shamrock graphic here and printed them.

Then, Max suited up and I attacked his hand(s) with the ink pad!

Not entirely happy about the smock...

 He made handprints “in the center” of each shamrock.

Then, we cut out the shamrocks and glued them to green scrapbook paper (actually, I cut out the shamrocks and glued everything down, but Max loved walking around with an extra glue stick and picking up pieces of paper).

our project sprawling across the floor…

We wrote a little message to each recipient and sent them off!

Final Product…Daddy is proudly displaying this handprint in his office :)

 In other news, Max didn’t care for the ink on his hands and (after washing them thoroughly) kept trying to wipe it off.

Although I was convinced he would have tiny black hands until Easter, we/I had a great time, they were fun to send out and those little paws are already clean!

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