February in Review

Right off the bat, we celebrated a major milestone on Max’s 1st Birthday! 

A very happy birthday boy (and his foot)!

It ended up being a serious snow day, so Andy was off work (although he still had to plow most of the day). We thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the decorations – batting at balloons and squirming through streamers! At the end of the day, Max opened a few gifts, had a treat and went to sleep as my ONE year old baby. 

As a big boy now, we felt his first hair cut way past due and took action… 

(he wasn't very happy about it...the electric razor was clearly a little unnerving).


Showing off some Team Spirit (and a very handsome haircut)!


We had another whirlwind, wild weekend preparing for and throwing Max’s Birthday Party! The house was overflowing (and ridiculously warm) but what am incredible blessing to be surrounded by family and friends. 

Andy's Family (sans Dad stuck in the hospital recovering from knee surgery)

My Family (sans Dad stuck working)

Andy and I enjoyed a date night (dinner and reading at Barnes and Noble) & had a very fun game night at home with friends. While it’s still very cold, we had some beautiful days and got to go outside for a few walks but we are definitely counting down the days to Spring!

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