Women of the Word (WOW): Kick-off!

When I think of how I want my children to describe their mother it is most certainly as a faithful woman of God. How better to be faithful than to know who He is, what He wants from me and what He has for me? And how better to learn these things than relishing His Word and being filled with His Spirit?

“One of our greatest needs as women is to become women of the Word, so that our prayers, our responses, and our words are saturated with God’s way of thinking…Each of us should be able to use the Word effectively, not only in our worship and our own walk, but also in ministering to the needs of others. If we’re going to be women of the Word, we must make a priority of spending time daily in the Scripture – reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, personalizing, and praying it back to God – letting Him teach us His ways.”

– Nancy Leigh DeMoss (Biblical Womanhood in the Home, 73)

My children will never describe me the way I desire if they don’t have good reason! And they won’t have good reason if I don’t make my relationship with the Lord THE top priority. It is imperative that I bury God’s word in my heart in order to love Him fully, walk with Him daily, and lead my family faithfully!

In the way of a personal challenge, I desire to spend intentional time memorizing scripture. As accountability, each week I will post the passage I am currently meditating on and memorizing!

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