My Valentine

Me and Andy at Max's 1st Birthday Party (2.13.11)!

After a weekend of planning, cleaning, cooking, and preping for Max’s birthday party, we are planning a low key night of leftovers and a movie and there is literally nothing I would rather do.

This is only our 3rd Valentine’s Day together. In general, we don’t do anything elaborate, but it serves as an excellent prompt to remember how deeply I love my husband and how I should cherish him the other 364 days of every year!

I could list 1000 things I love about him, but here are some top favorites: 

His faith is profound – I have learned so much in the way of loving the Lord and how that translates into loving people.

He is hilarious. seriously. always.

He is an incredible father – after a long day at work (after giving me a kiss) the first thing he does is grab Max for hugs, kisses, wrestling, chasing, singing, reading and all his other crazy antics.

He is incredibly smart, capable, and effecient – I have no doubt in his ability to be successful (according to our definition of the word) in anything he pursues!

He is continuously kind, patient and loving (even when I am none of these).

He loves me for being exactly me – how freeing to know I am loved despite my faults and failures (and how sometimes those are the things that make him love me more)!

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