Waiting on Spring

I am fairly confident it has been about 3 months since Max and I have willingly spent any extended period of time outside. There is currently a 12-15 inch accumulation of snow on the ground and the high over the last few days has been about 8 degrees (that’s the HIGH and not counting any wind chill).

So, needless to say, we have ventured out very little and we are going stir-crazy.

The excitement from the holiday season lasted a little while and there seemed to be a lot going on in January, so I was really doing just fine.  I don’t dislike winter by any means. I have never been one that questions “why I live in this tundra of a state?!” however, I have also never experienced a Wisconsin winter as a stay-at-home-mom (not that this changes my opinion – Go Pack)!

But lately, I just seem to be wondering around the house aimlessly, restless and wanting to break free from the living room and kitchen in which it feels we spend 10 hours of every day. We’re both bored and we both have too much energy to expel all cooped up.

So today, I am daydreaming of:

Opening the windows

Wearing a light jacket (not a parka)

Max running around outside

Taking a long walk

Going to the Park

& Having a Picnic

In actuality, we settled for building a fort on Mommy’s bed, surrounded by pillows and a few good books – I guess that’s not so bad for now!

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