Starting with the Sweet Stuff

This afternoon, as I walked up the stairs holding my child, he squawked and flailed from his discomfort and exhaustion. As we approached his room, he demonstrated one last defiant “stiffening” before succumbing to the soothing music and swaying rhythm.   

This is the sweet stuff…

He fell asleep in my arms.

He never falls asleep in my arms. I always calm him for a bit before laying him down in his crib – wide awake. He proceeds to “talk” to himself and bully his lovey for a few minutes before drifting off. But not today!

Today, those little lids fluttered and shut right there on my chest.

So, I sat down and reflected on the past year, in awe that with his head on my shoulder his legs now lay across mine instead of tucking up on my tummy. I breathed in his scent. I cherished the warmth of his skin. I listened to the slowing of his breath. And, I prayed.

I prayed the prayers I always lift up on his behalf. Most importantly, I asked the Lord that this little boy would grow in character to be the righteous man that God desires; that he would accept Jesus at an early age and be filled with his Spirit always.  

I rested there (with both of them) at great length.

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